Martinelli with The Gold Olympic Medal

Martinelli: ‘The first time I heard them singing my song was an unbelievable feeling’

After a late call-up to the Brazilian Olympic Team, Gabriel Martinelli went to Tokyo to win the Gold Medal. The Arsenal winger didn’t have many minutes but did score a penalty that helped his team beat Mexico and go to the finals where they’d eventually beat Spain.

Upon his return, Mikel Arteta started him in Arsenal’s first Premier League match of the 2021/22 season against Brentford. Following Arsenal’s defeat and his summer with the Brazilian Olympic Team, Martinelli gave an interview to’s Podcast ‘Gringolandia’

For the main quotes, follow the thread below:

Q: How was the talk with Arsenal for you to go to the Olympics?

A: In my case was fine, I spoke with Edu before the call-up and he said that if I wanted to go, they would let me. I also had a conversation with Arteta, and he said to me ‘if you want to go, it’s fine, just win it for us’. I was very honoured to be able to go. And very happy with my relationship with the club. Of course, Edu also facilitates that.

Q: How was your return to the Premier League and the ambitions of the club?

A: Everyone knows that we are a big club. We have to behave as such. We’ll always fight for the best. We know that we are not in any European competition this season, but we’ll fight to get back to that in the next season.

Q: How was dealing with your injury during the pandemic?

A: My injury wasn’t that serious. But the doctors opted for a more cautious recovery. That’s why it took longer to get back. But my parents helped me during the process.

Q: How has been your adaptation?

A: I’m good now. My English is good, improving so that I can give interviews. I want to get my driver’s licence now, but there’s a waiting list due to COVID.

Q: Are you still getting rides to go to training?

A: In the first season, Emi [Martinez] would give me rides. He lived close to me so he would go with me to games and training sessions. But now I have a driver.

Q: Excluding the Brazilians, who’s the closes to you in the team?

A: In the first season was Emi without a doubt. Now it has to be Pablo Marí, we are very close.

Q: How’s your relationship with the Arsenal fans?

They have been very good to me. I try to reciprocate the love that I receive in the pitch scoring goals and try to win games for them. I’m very grateful for the support. What I can do is give my 100% when I’m on the pitch.

Q: What about your song?

A: The first time I heard them singing my song was an unbelievable feeling. I couldn’t even react. I didn’t understand very well at first, but now I know. You can see when they like you, they sang it in the first game.

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